By Kartik 12 March, 2024

Top 10 Medieval Indian History Books For UPSC

1. A History of South India -K.A. Nilkantha Sastri

2. The Agrarian System of Mughal India 1556-1707 -Irfan Habib

3. Ashoka & Decline of the Maurya -Romila Thapar

4. The Mughal Empire -J.F. Richards

5. Indian Feudalism -R.S. Sharma

6. The Wonder That was India (Volume.2) -S.A.A. Rizvi

7. Material culture & Social Formation in Ancient India -R.S. Sharma

8. Dynamics of urban life in pre mughal India - H.C. Verma

9. Medieval India (Macmillan) -Satish Chandra

10. Medieval India (NCERT) -Satish Chandra

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