Ikigai Explained in 2 Minutes

By Kartik 12 March, 2024

Ikigai is a concept strongly rooted in Japanese culture and philosophy. The phrase is a combination of 'iki' meaning life and 'gai' meaning worth, which translates to 'a purpose for existence'.

Ikigai is founded on four elements 1) What you love 2) What you are good at 3) What the world needs 4) What you can be paid for

The sweet spot where these four elements meet is regarded as the road to a fulfilling and worthwhile living.

The first element is passion. The first step to the Ikigai is understanding your passion. It involves discovering the activities that bring you joy, excitement, and a profound sense of fulfilment.

The second element is what you are good at. Ikigai emphasizes the importance of aligning daily activities with one's skills and talents for a fulfilling life, whether in careers or monetizable hobbies.

The third element is how you can use it. Ikigai promotes purpose in contributing to others' well-being, encouraging individuals to consider their actions' positive impact on the world around them.

The final element is can your passion pay you?  While the talks about ‘Finding your passion’ are important, it is equally important to sustain yourself. So, Ikigai encourages individuals to explore how their skills and passions can generate them income.

Ikigai emphasizes the significance of balance in life, suggesting that a harmonious blend of these four elements leads to a fulfilling and satisfying existence.

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