By Kartik 20 February, 2024

7 Best Books on Trading For Beginners


This book offers insights into financial markets, challenges standard investment ideas, and advocates for a passive approach.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Justin Mamis' book offers practical tactics for profitably selling equities, helping traders make informed judgements in the stock market.

When to Sell

In 'Stocks to Riches,' Parag Parikh presents several time-tested and proven strategies for profiting from stock market investments.

Stocks to Riches

In this book, William J. O'Neil discusses his patented investing technique that uses fundamental and technical research to uncover successful stocks.

How To Make Money In Stocks

The book provides a beginner-friendly introduction to stocks, covering key principles, tactics, and risk management measures.

Stock Investing For Dummies

Prasenjit Paul's book addresses common misconceptions among small investors and highlights the importance of capital protection.

How To Avoid Loss And Earn Consistently

This book help you make informed investment decisions. Paul also teaches readers how to tell if the market is inflated or not.

Stocks for the Long Run

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