10 Mind-blowing Lessons From the Book “The Power of Habit"

By Kartik 07 February, 2024

1.The Habit Loop.

Put simply, the habit loop is composed of cues, routines, and rewards. Train yourself to notice particular cues, which then trigger routines and bring you rewards.

2. Cue Categories.

location, time, emotional state, other people, action immediately preceding the cue. Recognizing what cues you currently have in your life and how to seek out or avoid them is critical.

3. Keystone or Foundational Habits.

Keystone habits are usually small and result in a “win” for you, which snowballs into greater habit formation and control.

4. Plan for Pain.

If you write out a plan about what you’ll do when pain comes knocking on your door, you’ll be more successful at withstanding that pain.

5. Craving.

It’s important to be aware of any cravings you have in your life as they can hijack or start a habit loop early, making it more difficult to quit bad habits.

6. Repetition and Automation.

The truth is that most of what we do is at least partially automated. Hijacking this tendency of our brain to set certain activities on the back burner can help us form healthy habits that we don’t even need to think about.

7. Freedom is Important.

The book makes it clear that there’s no single way to achieve good habits and quit bad habits. The book focuses on providing you with a framework necessary to recognize the habits you have and learn how to create helpful habits.

8. Manipulate the Craving.

One trick that might work for you when it comes to breaking bad habits is to not ignore or resist a craving a bad habit cue, but to instead change it.

9. The Crowd is Important.

The people you surround yourself with can affect your success in forming or breaking habits. You must surround yourself with those who are also trying to form the same habit or trying to break a bad habit

10. Personal Responsibility.

You must get into the habit (pun intended) of taking responsibility for your bad actions. Don’t say it isn’t your fault; lean into the difficulty and face the challenge head-on.

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