10 best books recommended by Mark Zuckerberg

By Kartik 10 February, 2024

1. 'Why Nations Fail'

"The book investigates how nations use various social institutions and incentives to promote prosperity, economic growth, and poverty reduction."

2. 'Sapiens' 

Sapiens is a contemporary exploration of human civilization, following the Muqaddimah, a historical narrative from the perspective of an intellectual in the 1300s.

3. 'The Rational Optimist' 

Ridley's 2010 work showcases markets' role in progress, improving living conditions, overcoming threats, and fostering globalization.

4. 'The New Jim Crow' 

The book discusses the discrimination and disadvantages faced by minorities in the US criminal justice system, highlighting the need for reform and social justice.

5. 'The Muqaddimah' 

Ibn Khaldun's "The Muqaddimah" (1377) transformed global history, sociology, and economics, influencing modern scholarship.

6. 'Portfolios of the Poor'

Book analyzes financial lives of the poor, revealing strategies for survival and improvement on meager incomes.

7. 'The Varieties of Religious Experience' 

William James' book delves into religion, emphasizing individual experiences as the cornerstone, offering a vital psychological perspective.

8. 'Creativity Inc.'  

"Creativity Inc." details Pixar's journey, emphasizing creativity, leadership, and fostering innovation in a dynamic corporate culture.

9. 'The Structure of Scientific Revolutions' 

Book delves into how scientific paradigms shift, challenging established norms, and shaping the course of scientific inquiry.

10. 'Dealing With China' 

"Dealing With China" offers strategies for navigating complexities in business, trade, and diplomacy with China in today's global landscape.

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